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5 months ago

S2E2 - SONIC PRIME: Speedy Delivery to a Screen Near You!

We recently found out that the Netflix Sonic show, Sonic Prime, (which we've waited for months to get news on) is going to indeed be on Netflix this Winter 2022! The THZ team talks all about this show, what to expect, how it'll be released, potential characters/levels in the game, etc.!

1 year ago

S2E1 - SONIC 2 (& 3!) & KNUCKLES!? [THZ Season 2 Premiere!]

It's the THZ SEASON 2 PREMIERE! And with it being less than 2 months until Sonic 2 Movie (APRIL 8!), we talk all about the newest trailer, our end credits predictions, & the announced Knuckles series!

1 year ago

The BEST of THZ Season 1!!

We're back! And trust us that it was worth the wait for the episode with the BEST & FUNNIEST moments of our first season!!

1 year ago

THZ Chats: Ian Flynn, Archie/IDW Sonic Writer

In our 4th THZ Chat, we interview someone who's stories you've most likely read if you've read Sonic comics, Ian Flynn! (Writer for Archie/IDW Sonic comics!)

1 year ago

THZ Chats: Tracy Yardley!, Archie/IDW Sonic Artist!

In our 3rd THZ Chat, we interview someone who's artwork you've probably seen if you've read Sonic comics, Tracy Yardley! (Comic book artist for Archie/IDW Sonic comics!)

1 year ago

S1E20 - 50 YEARS AGO...!

It's the THZ Season 1 Finale! (Yes, season 1 bloopers are coming after this episode too lol) The team talks about Shadow the Hedgehog's backstory! And the team's reactions to it.

1 year ago

THZ Chats: Ryan, founder of Sonic the Hedgeblog!

In our 2nd THZ Chats, we interview the founder of one of the most popular Sonic blogs, Sonic the Hedgeblog, Ryan!

1 year ago

S1E19 - The Past & Present Tone of the Series!

Today we talk about the past & present tone of the Sonic series, things we think should change looking towards the upcoming games, & our favorite stage of each era.

1 year ago

THZ Chats: Tails Adventure Armada!

On our first THZ Chat, we interview the Tails Adventure Armada Team & they talk all about their amazing Tails game!

1 year ago

S1E18 - The Miles "TAILS" Prower Episode!!

Our first-ever episode dedicated entirely to the character we met in the 2nd Sonic game, Miles "Tails" Prower!!