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8 days ago

The BEST of THZ Season 1!!

We're back! And trust us that it was worth the wait for the episode with the BEST & FUNNIEST moments of our first season!!

2 months ago

THZ Chats: Ian Flynn, Archie/IDW Sonic Writer

In our 4th THZ Chat, we interview someone who's stories you've most likely read if you've read Sonic comics, Ian Flynn! (Writer for Archie/IDW Sonic comics!)

2 months ago

THZ Chats: Tracy Yardley!, Archie/IDW Sonic Artist!

In our 3rd THZ Chat, we interview someone who's artwork you've probably seen if you've read Sonic comics, Tracy Yardley! (Comic book artist for Archie/IDW Sonic comics!)

3 months ago

S1E20 - 50 YEARS AGO...!

It's the THZ Season 1 Finale! (Yes, season 1 bloopers are coming after this episode too lol) The team talks about Shadow the Hedgehog's backstory! And the team's reactions to it.

3 months ago

THZ Chats: Ryan, founder of Sonic the Hedgeblog!

In our 2nd THZ Chats, we interview the founder of one of the most popular Sonic blogs, Sonic the Hedgeblog, Ryan!

4 months ago

S1E19 - The Past & Present Tone of the Series!

Today we talk about the past & present tone of the Sonic series, things we think should change looking towards the upcoming games, & our favorite stage of each era.

5 months ago

THZ Chats: Tails Adventure Armada!

On our first THZ Chat, we interview the Tails Adventure Armada Team & they talk all about their amazing Tails game!

5 months ago

S1E18 - The Miles "TAILS" Prower Episode!!

Our first-ever episode dedicated entirely to the character we met in the 2nd Sonic game, Miles "Tails" Prower!!

5 months ago

The Blue Rumor - This Game Is Getting a REMAKE!? (And it's not Sonic Colors!)

TBR is back!! And today we have a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog news for you! Sonic Movie 2 Updates, a fan-favorite Sonic game is getting a REMAKE (and it's not Sonic Colors), new Sonic merchandise is coming out, & more!!

6 months ago

S1E17 - Is THIS the 1ST SONIC 30TH GAME!?

THZ Team is joined by a familiar voice who you've heard on our live shows before, Akihiro Digital, to talk about the rumored remake of Sonic Colors! Will this be the FIRST Sonic 30th Game?!